A downloadable game for Windows

» Description «

Navigate an increasingly narrow cave system in an old salvage ship! Due to damaged sensors, visibility is restricted to objects further from the ship's location. Avoid knockback-inducing mines, collect repair pickups and deploy flares to restore vision!

Health and flare drops add to the score if there is no inventory space available.  Bombs do not do health damage, but rather deliver a massive repulsive blast if set off. Endless mode starts after Stage 5, after which health pickups stop spawning. Score increases faster the further you are to the right side of the screen.

Music, sound effects and tutorials can all be disabled in the settings menu.

» Controls «

  • [W,A,S,D] → General movement
  • [Space] → Deploy flare (briefly increases visibility)
  • [LMouse] → Advance tutorials
  • [Esc, P] → Pause

» Programs «

  • [Java] → Programming Language
  • [Eclipse] → IDE
  • [LWJGL] → Engine
  • [Ridhvl] → Engine
  • [GIMP] → Art
  • [Substance Designer] → Art
  • [Caustic] → Music
  • [JFXR] → Audio
  • [BeepBox] → Audio
  • [Audacity] → Audio
  • [JarSplice] → Packaging

» Authors «

  • [Code/Audio/Graphics] → os_reboot
  • [Code/Audio] → Basset
  • [Code/Audio/Graphics] → HaveANiceDay

» Details «

Made in 48 hours for the second Pizza Jam. Font is pre-made, everything else (including music) is original content and was created within the allotted jam time. Custom engine can be found here: https://github.com/osreboot/Ridhvl

Please message us here on or twitter with questions/concerns @hyprgloo or visit our github profiles at /osreboot /basset10 /haveaniceday33.

Post your highest score in the comments!

Install instructions

Download and extract .zip folder. Double-click "Run.exe". To run the game with the console, double-click "RunCMD.bat".


Unreached.zip 58 MB


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Highest score I've been able to get is 101,125. Really fun game!